Removing NewFolder.exe Virus Manually

If you ask me about newfolder.exe virus then I will simply say that I love this virus. The infection it does to any PC is just amazing. I mean that the idea behind the virus programming is great. Creating a new folder of the same name in each folder the user visit with a Folder Icon shape but an application behind it. In these days, 90% of computers that comes to my office for repair has newfolder.exe virus infection. I used many anti-virus to check if they can remove it through scanning but none of them was 100% successful and the quality of virus is, if only a single infected folder leave behind the infection will spread again. It is like a loop. You reinstall windows, run a thorough check through your anti-virus and a few days later you notice that it is still in your PC.


You will not believe but it is too simple to remove this virus from your PC after a fresh install of windows without the help of any anti-virus.

1. After fresh installation - Open My Computer
2. Do not open any drive
3. Click the Search button (or press F3)
4. Click All Files and Folders
5. In the file name box type *.exe
6. Choose any single drive (like D:) in Look in box and click search and check "Search Hidden Files and Folders" in "More advance options"
7. Asusual it will show you all the available application on that drive.
8. Just watch for those applications that have a Folder Icon of yellow color. Yes, you guess it right.

That command is showing you all the application and what the folders are doing there? That means, those listed folders are a copy of new folder.exe virus.

Select them carefully and delete them. Do this process for each drive.

Your system will get clean.

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