Windows XP Starts Slow

Today, a Pentium III PC came to my office for repair. The configuration of the PC was as follows:

Pentium III Processor 550MHz
2 Hard Disk Drives [80GB and 6.5GB]
Windows XP Professional was installed on 80GB Hard Disk Drive.


The problem was: Windows XP was taking a very long time to start. Approximately 10 mintues from Boot process to Start menu. However, after the boot process, PC works fine.


When I open up the Task Manager, I noticed that McAfee 8.5 was using around 52MB RAM and was using upto 95% of processor at the boot time causing the system to slow down.


I uninstall the McAfee and rebooted the system. As I was assuming it resolves the problem and cut the boot time to 4-5 minutes.

Note from Author

According to my experience, I have noticed many times that after installing McAfee it sometimes causes the system to slow down and it does not matter what actually your system configuration is. Even, sometimes it slow down the Pentium Dual Core PC with 2GB RAM.

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