Disable Bing Integration from Start Menu | Windows 10 Tutorial

Cortana is a new feature which has been introduced with Windows 10. You can use Cortana to directly Search for Files, Add Appointment to Calendar, Chat with Cortana, or Search the Web, right from the new Search Box available on Taskbar. But due to some privacy issues, if you no longer want Cortana to include or search web, you can then turn off Bing Integration or Web Integration from Cortana.

How to Disable Bing Integration from Start Menu in Windows 10

By default, Bing search is integrated into the Start Menu. So everything you search for, in the Start Menu, is sent to the Microsoft Servers, to give you best results from Bing Search. If you no longer require this feature, due to some privacy issue, and want to disable Bing Integration, or web integration from the Start Menu, you can easily do so by following the steps described below. But remember that, the settings dialog box may appear different, depending upon, if you have already configured and enabled Cortana.

  • To change the Bing or Web Integration settings, type “Cortana Settings” in the search box or, click inside the Search Box, and then search for Settings.

Cortana Settings

  • If you want to disable Bing Integration from Search, then you also have to disable Cortana. So, first turn off Cortana, by flipping the button.

turn off cortana

  • As you turn off the Cortana, rest of the settings will change, and you will see an option for, “Search Online and Include Web Results”. Flip this switch, to turn of the Bing Integration from the Start Menu.

Everything you will search onwards, will be searched from your own PC only.

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