Windows 10 - How to Burn ISO Image from Command Prompt

Want to try something new? What about burning an ISO image from Command Prompt? Yes, you can certainly burn an ISO image right from Command Prompt. Command Prompt is still very much popular among advanced computer users, and many of us like to do things, differently!

Burning an ISO image from Command Prompt is a real easy task, and what you should only know is, path and the file name.

So, let’s burn a disk using Command Prompt. The first step is to open Command Prompt. To do this, either right-click on the Start button, and then click Command Prompt, or open Run dialog box, and type CMD and hit enter key. You don’t need an elevated command prompt to accomplish this task.

As I said before, what you only need to know is the path and the file name, that you want to burn. So, do a pre-check before you type the command.

To burn ISO image, type, 


For instance, I have two ISO images in Images Folder on Drive C, with the name of Image, & Image 2.ISO. So, the command will go like this, 

ISO BURN.EXE /Q C:\images\image.iso. 

Hitting the enter key will immediately pop-up Windows Disc Image Burner, and if there is no disc in the drive, then you will be prompted to insert a disc, and try again.
One more thing you should take care about while burning a disc from the Command Prompt is, the file name. If your ISO image file name contains spaces, then you need to type the command as follows:

ISO BURN.EXE /Q "C:\images\image 2.iso"

You need to type the folder and file name path inside the quotes. Once you are done with all that, hit the burn button. 

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