Change How Button Appears On Taskbar - Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 Tutorial

In Windows 8, and Windows 10, the Taskbar has a clean appearance, showing you only the icons of the running applications, without their labels. If you run a lot of apps and multi-task between different applications during your working hours, then it is a space saving feature for your taskbar. But when viewed from usability perspectives, then some users may get confuse with the taskbar buttons without any label.

To turn on or off, task bar icon labels, right-click on the Taskbar, and choose Properties. Under Taskbar tab, you have 3 options to choose for Icon Labels. The first one is, “Always Combine, hide labels”, which is the default mode, and that is why you never see any program label among your taskbar icons. If you want to windows to hide the labels only when the taskbar is full, then you can choose the second option which is, Combine when taskbar is full. Apply the changes, and you will see, your taskbar icons now has label with them. But window will show the labels until your taskbar not get full with other icons. Once the app icons cover all the taskbar space, windows will automatically hide the icon labels to give you more space.

But if you prefer to always see icon labels, doesn’t matter how many applications are running, then you can change the behavior by selecting, Never combine option, from Taskbar properties.

If you want more space, then you can resize the Taskbar by dragging it from the corner. Just make sure that your taskbar is not locked before you resize. Later, to fix the taskbar size and position, lock it again.

So this is how you can customize the Taskbar buttons according to your preference.

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