Enable or Disable Secure Login Feature in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7

Windows Secure Login which require users to press Control + Alt + Delete key, at login screen, is designed to protect your system from programs that mimic a sign-in, to retrieve your login information. So, it is important to protect your PC from these kinds of attacks by enabling Secure Login feature of Windows.

In this Windows tutorial, you will learn to enable or disable Secure Login feature at Login, or Lock Screen.

The first option to enable secure login is to open Run command, by right-clicking on Start button, and then click Run. In the run dialog box, either type, NETPLWIZ or, CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2. Click the Advanced Tab, and to enable Secure Login, make a check mark on “Require Users to Press CONTROL + ALT + DELETE KEY, under Secure Sign in options. Apply the changes, and Sign Out or Lock the Screen to see the effect.

Now the user must press the key combination to access the login credential screen. The secure login option ensure that the authentic window login screen appear, and another program, such as spyware or virus can’t intercept your login credentials as you enter.

The second option to enable or disable secure login is to use, Group Policy Editor. Open Run window, and type GPEDIT.MSC. Under Computer Configuration, expand Windows Settings, then Local Policies. Under Local Polices, click Security Options, and from the left side pane, double-click “Interactive Login : Do not require Control + ALT + DEL”. If you enable this setting then Secure Login will disable, and vice versa.

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