How to Create Folder Without Name and Without Icon in Windows 10

In this Windows 10 tutorial, you will learn a little Windows trick, which will help you to protect your important data by creating a folder without name, and without any icon.

To create a folder with no name, and without any icon, right-click on an empty area of your desktop or drive, where you want to create the folder, point to New and then click Folder. Instead of typing a name, hold down the ALT key, and then press 0160 from the numeric keypad, and then press Enter key. Here you have a new folder without a name. Now, to completely hide this folder, you can also remove or change the icon. Right-click on the folder, and choose Properties. Click Customize tab, Scroll to right side, and here choose any one from these three icons. Hit OK twice, and that’s it. You now have a folder with no name and no icon, which is surely not easily accessible.

To give it more protection, right-click on the folder and choose Properties, and then make a check mark on Hidden. You must note down the location of your folder, so you may not accidently lost your data.

Hope you will like this short trick.

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