Top 5 Google Best Easter Eggs and Tricks of All Time

Google is one of the most popular search engine, used all over the world. But it is not only a search engine, but also works like an instant answering machine. When you get an instant answer from Google search, it appears on the top of search results, in a special box, and often all you need for the basic answer of your questions.

So, here are the top 5 instant answers, that you can get from Google, which you may find useful on day to day basis.

Time Zones, if you ever need to know, what time it is on any part of the world, then just type in, city or country name, following with time. For instance, I want to know the current time in Australia, then I can type, Australia Time, in the search box. To be more specific, I can type, Perth Australia Time.

Weather, similar to time zone, you can also get weather status from any part of the world. Just type in the city name, following with weather. For instance, I would like to know the weather status of my city, so I will type, my city name, space weather. So, here I have an instant report of the weather.

Currency Conversions will not only convert the currency units, but can also tell you about the currency unit of a specific currency. For instance, if you want to convert the American Dollar to Indian Currency, but you do not know the currency unit of India, then you can type, 100 USD to Indian currency, and here you have instant result along with Indian currency unit. You can also switch between currency units easily, right from instant result box.

Definitions, Google instant results, also have a full set of words dictionary. If you are ever wondering about the definition or meaning of a world, then just type, define, space, your world, and you will get instant result in no time.

Calculator, I am not so good in mathematics. So, whenever I need to calculate something on the go, I use Google as a calculator. You can type, Calculator, in the search box, to open a full set of calculator, or you can form your mathematics question, right in to the search box.

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