How To Remotely Log Out Your Gmail Account

Have you ever forget to sign out from your Gmail account from a colleague’s, friends, or a public computer? If you are worried that your account can be compromised, then you don’t need to worry at all. 

Gmail offers a simplest solutions to this. Just log-in to your Gmail account from a device with internet access. Right at the Inbox screen, scroll down to the end, and you will see your account activity. Click the Details button, and here you have a complete detail of your account activity, like Access Type, the IP address of the location, and from where your account has been accessed, with date time stamp. 

You will also see an alert message, if Google found any suspicious activity over your account. Here you have that small but power full option, Sign Out All Other Sessions. Click this button, and Google will log out your account from all other unclosed sessions.

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