Show / Hide Empty Drives in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8

By default, Windows does not show you those drives which are completely empty, and this could create hassle and confusion for you, for your SD Cards and Flash Drives. For instance, I have plugged in a Memory Card Reader, but it does not showing up in File Explorer, because I have not inserted a Memory Card yet. Some users may find it confusing, thinking that either there Card Reader is faulty or, there is some problem in Windows itself. However, there is nothing wrong, and what you need is to change a small option in File Explorer.

Open File Explorer, click View tab, and then click Options. Click Change Folder and Search Options. You can also access Folder Options from Control Panel. Click the View tab in Folder options, and then uncheck the option, Hide Empty Drives. That’s it. Now, you can see, that the File Explorer is showing up the empty drives, which in my case is drive F, a Card Reader without a Memory Card.


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