Windows 8.1 Start Menu Customization - Grouping Start Screen Tiles

If you are already familiar working with Windows 8.1, then you may have installed a lot of apps, and have pinned a lot of program tiles on your Start Screen. An unmanaged Start Screen with a lot of program tiles, can make it hard to find those applications that you use the most. But thanks to Windows 8.1 new features, now you can easily arrange your Start Screen tiles by grouping them.

Grouping tiles is an easy task. First move the tiles to separate locations according to your grouping style, just by holding and dragging them. If you want to move multiple tiles, then hold down the Control key, and then start selecting multiple tiles. Now, move them all together to a different location on the Start Screen.

You can also resize a single tile or multiple tiles using the same procedure. Select multiple tiles by holding control key, and then click on tiles. Now, right-click on a tile, and move to resize, and choose an appropriate size.

Once you have placed all your tiles on the preferred locations, then right-click on an empty area of the Start Screen, and then click Name Groups. Type a name, and press Enter key. So you see, how easy it was to arrange tiles, and group them together.
You can also move a group of tiles by dragging and dropping it. To do this, first click the zoom out button at the bottom right corner of the start screen. You can also zoom in or zoom out, by holding control key, and then use scroll button from your mouse, to zoom in or zoom out.

Now, hold a group of tiles and place it where you want. 

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