Access Desktop Icons Without Minimizing Anything | Windows Customization Tricks

So, you are having a hot wallpaper on your Desktop, but the cluttered desktop icons are covering the entire beauty of your wallpaper, isn’t? Then why don’t you remove all those icons in one shot? Just right-click on an empty area of your Desktop, point to View, and uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”, that’s it!

But the task bar is bothering you as well. No problem! Right-click on an empty area of the task bar, and click Properties. Make a check mark on “Auto hide the task bar” and apply the changes, and there you have a nice and hot full screen wallpaper. So, this is what you wanted? Isn't?

But what about when you are working in certain applications and you need to access something from Desktop. Don’t you worry! Right-click on an empty area of your Taskbar, point to Toolbars, and make a check mark on Desktop. And here you have access to all of your Desktop apps, without minimizing anything!
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