Microsoft Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks - Enter Data Into Multiple Cells Si...

In Microsoft Excel, many times you may
require to enter same data or formulas, in different cells simultaneously. Like
in this worksheet, I need to enter, “Each”, under unit in cells F6 to F8, then
F10 to F13, and F15 to F16. So, instead of typing “Each” in one cell and later
copy to other cells, I first select the cells from F6 to F8, then hold down the
control key to select other non-adjacent cells, then type “Each” in one cell.
Instead of pressing the Enter key, what I do is to press Control + Enter Key,
and the word “Each” will automatically get copied to all the other selected

I can also do this for numerical
values as well. For instance, I want to enter a value of 10, for all the empty
cells under Quantity column. So, I select the first empty cell which is, G8,
then hold down the Control Key to select the remaining cells, then type a value
10 in one cell, and press Control + Enter Key, and in an instant the same value
will be typed in all the selected cells.

Not only with text or numbers, you can
also use the same method for formulas as well. Like, I want to sum the
Quantity, Recorded Quantity and, Inventory Value. So, I first highlight the two
cells G17 and H17, and then hold down the Control Key and highlight cell J17.
Now, I type the formula in one cell, and then press Control + Enter Key, and as
you can see, the same formula has copied to all the remaining selected cells.

The method described in this tutorial
is similar to entering data or formula to a single cell, and later copying it
into other locations.

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