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Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 Tutorial - Aligning Shapes and Pictures Perfectly

The Teacher
In PowerPoint 2013 and 2016, Guides
help you to place, resize, and align objects and pictures, perfectly! Guides
are red lines that automatically appears, when an object is in center to
another object, or evenly spaced. By default, Guides are remain turned on in
PowerPoint 2016, but if you want to make sure that either they are turned on or
not, then click the View tab from the Ribbon, and then click arrow underneath
the Guides in Show section. From Grid and Guides dialog box, make sure,
“Display smart guides when shapes are aligned” option is checked.

Now, let’s insert some shapes. For
this practice section, I insert and draw four different shapes in my current
slide. First I draw a rectangle, then a triangle, an oval, and in the end, I
draw a star. Now what I want to do is to, resize them equally, and evenly space
them on the slide.

So, I select the rectangle first, and
resize it from the bottom right corner. Now let’s resize the second object,
which is a triangle, to an equal size to the first object. When I drag and drop
the triangle, the red line indicates that the top of the object is perfectly
aligned with the previous object, and if I resize the triangle from the bottom
right corner, the red guide line will again tell me, when the bottom is perfectly
matched. Using the same method, I resize all the four objects equally, so they
aligned up perfectly on the slide.

You can do the same with pictures as
well. As on this presentation, I have inserted four different pictures of
different size, and using the same method, I can resize and align them on the

What I need now is to, space them
evenly. Now when I slide the first picture a bit to left or right, the double
side red arrow line indicates that, this picture is spaced evenly with other
pictures next to it. So I do the same with other pictures, to evenly align all
the pictures to each other. Now all of our pictures are sized and aligned
perfectly, and we can do the same for our shapes and objects.

If later you want to reposition and
resize them all together, then what you need to do is to select all of them
together, and you can do this by, holding the Shift key, and click on each
picture or object one by one. Once they all get selected, you can either resize
them all together from one corner, or can change their positions on the slide.
Sometimes, after resizing the pictures or objects, you may require to realign
them, as space between them may differ.

So, this is how Guides can help you to
perfectly resize, align objects and pictures on your slide.

The Teacher / Author & Editor

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