Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorial - Convert Table To Text

In our previous video, we had learned
that how you can convert text into a table. This video is about reversing the
effect, that is converting a table back to text. Converting a Table to Text is
really a simple task. What you only need to do is to, first select the entire
table. To select the entire table, either you can drag and drop, or move you
mouse over the table, till you see the four arrow table selection button.
Click this button to select the entire table at once.

To convert a table back to text, click
the Layout tab under the Table Tools, and then click Convert to Text. In
Convert Table to Text dialog box, you are asked that how you want to separate
the text, using what paragraph mark?

Do note that, when you convert a table
back to text
, then it almost always using TAB as a paragraph mark. If you have
used any special paragraph mark in your table to separate text, such as comma
or enter key, then you can select the desire paragraph mark from the list, or
can type the custom paragraph mark by clicking on Other.

Nested tables are tables inside
tables. So if your selection contains a table inside a table, then Word will
also convert it automatically to text, as this option is checked by default.
Once you are done with the settings,
hit the OK button, and there you have, all the tables are gone now, and your
text is separated using the specified paragraph mark. As I had not used any
special paragraph mark sign while creating the table, so while converting table
back to text, I used the default Tab paragraph mark to separate the text, and
you can see the same tab paragraph mark sign in the ruler. If the Ruler is not
visible, then you can enable it from the View tab, by making a check mark on

To adjust the gap between the
separated text, then first select the text, and move the tab from the ruler to
the desire location.

If you want to learn more about
Microsoft Word, then do watch other videos from our Microsoft Word Tutorial

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