Remove Background From Picture in Microsoft Office 2016

From many of new Microsoft Office features, you certainly going to
love this one called, Remove Background. 
Many times, you may be inserting Pictures into a Word Document, Excel
Spreadsheet, or in a PowerPoint presentation. But what usually happen is, that
you have a separate background color on your document or presentation, then on
the picture, that you have inserted. For instance, the background color of this
picture is a bit grey, whereas the presentation background color is pure white.
So this inbuilt Remove Background tool will help you to remove the background
color of this picture, and make it transparent.

So what I do to remove the background from the picture, first I
select the photo, and then click the Format tab from the Ribbon. In the very beginning
at the left hand side, you can find Remove Background tool, and as soon as I
press this button, instantly PowerPoint will make an assumption of what part of
the picture you want to keep, and what part you want to remove. The purple
color indicates the part of the picture that you want to make transparent.

What I need to do first is to, select the area that I want to keep
by adjusting the white bullets around the outline of the photo. If you think
that PowerPoint is making a wrong assumption, or a part of the photo is still
purple, but you want to keep it, then you can use “Mark Areas to Keep”, and
draw a line over the area of the picture that you want to keep. You can draw
lines over the areas that you want to be appear in the photo, and once you are
done, click Keep Changes button, and there you have the picture with a
transparent background.

Let’s try it again on another picture.

You can also mark an area that you want to remove from the picture,
by clicking on Mark Areas to Remove. Sometimes, you may need to remove some
portion of the photo that is getting visible. Then you can mark that area, it
will become purple, indicating that it will get removed, when you will apply
the changes.

Once the picture becomes transparent, it does not matter what background
color you use for your page, the picture will seem nicely adjusted on the paper
with a transparent background. Removing backgrounds and making your pictures
transparent can really help you to create more professional documents and

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