Windows 10 / 8 / 7 - High Definition Audio Drivers - What You Are Missing?

If you have recently installed a fresh copy of Windows, then you may be glad that Windows has installed almost all of your hardware drivers automatically. But those are the standard drivers that bundle with Windows, and are dated back to Windows release, means, you are using out dated and standard drivers for your hardware devices.

For instance, your Windows computer might be playing sound, but if you look into Sound, Video and Game Controller under Device Manager, then you can see that Windows has installed the Standard High Definition Audio Device, and you may be missing the actual sound quality, and feature that your sound card can provide, but due to out dated and standard drivers, those features will be unavailable.

What you need to do is to, install the actual driver provided by your manufacturer, or download the latest drivers from manufacturer’s website. Let’s see how to do this, and how it will affect your hardware working efficiency?

To download the sound drivers for your embedded motherboard sound card, first you need to know the exact model number
of your motherboard. For this, you can download and run this small utility called, CPU ID. The link is given in the description. Once you download and installed, run the utility and let it identify your system. Click the Mainboard tab, and here you will find the manufacturer and model number of your motherboard. Now, Google for the same and download the latest drivers for your
sound card. After the download complete, install the drivers.

Once the installation get completed, recheck if Windows has properly installed the drivers. Now, not only the sound quality will improve but you may also get some more features that your sound card may support. You may look into Control Panel, if there is an applet corresponding to your sound card. Open it, and you will find a dozen of new features, to give you a new listening experience.

So this is how updating the device drivers can improve the performance of a device, and updating other drivers like, the video card drivers and chipset drivers can also improve the overall speed of your computer.

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