Windows 10 Tutorial - Change Mail App Sync Settings

Hello everyone, and welcome again. A
lot of users where complaining about Windows 10 Mail App, as the Mail Box
Synchronizing Settings were not working up to the mark. I was always receiving
an error code message, whenever I tried to change the mail synchronize
settings. But the good news is, with the latest Windows 10 Version 15-11,
Microsoft has worked on this problem, and now the mail synchronizing settings
are working like a charm.
Let’s see, how to change the Mail App
Synchronizing Settings, so you may update yourself as the new mail arrives into
your Inbox. To do this, click the Start button, and then click Mail, if the
tile is available right on your Start Screen, else you can find it on All Apps
section, and can also pin it to your Start Screen.

Once you are in Mail App, click the
Settings button from the bottom left corner. From the right side Settings pane
click Accounts, and then select the Account for which you want to configure
Mail Sync Settings.

From the Outlook Account Settings
window, click Change Mail Box Sync Settings option, and here you can configure
different settings according to your requirements. Like, I want to be notify
and receive every new mail that arrives, instantly into my inbox, so I change
the Download New Content settings to, As Items Arrive, and I also make a check
mark on, “Always download full message and Internet Images” as I want to read
the entire mails from the Mail App itself, but if you have a metered or slow
connection then you can uncheck this option, if you just want to read the text

Then you have “Download Email from”
option, and here you can configure that for what previous period emails you
want to download from your email server into Mail Client. As I change this
setting, you can see that Mail box instantly download the mails for my email
server to the Mail App for the said period of time.

Below is the mail server address, and
that you can configure if you are using any special configurations. As I apply
the changes, and to give you a demo, I send an email to this address from some
other email ID, and you can see that the email instantly arrives in the inbox.
Even if the Mail app is not running, you will see an instant notification in
the Action and Notification center.

So in my opinion, Microsoft has
seriously updated the known issue in Mail App, and now you may give it a try
and see if it works for you.

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