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Windows 10 Tutorial - Set Different Wallpapers on Multiple Monitors

The Teacher
Hello everyone, and welcome again! In
this tutorial, you will learn about setting up different wallpapers on multiple
monitors, using Windows 10. In Windows 8, you can easily set different
wallpapers for different monitors by just right-clicking on a particular
picture in Desktop Background window. But this option has been slightly changed
in Windows 10. The entire Personalize window now has a new look, and you will
not find the same Windows 8 option here.

In Windows 10, it is much easier to
configure separate wallpapers on different monitors. So, to set different
wallpapers for different monitors, first open the folder where your pictures
are stored. Now, select at least two different wallpapers by clicking left
mouse button while holding the Control Key. Now, right-click on one of them and
choose “Set as desktop background” from the context menu. That’s it, and you
now have two different wallpapers for both monitors.

To cycle through next wallpaper for
any particular monitor, right-click on Desktop, and choose “Next Desktop
Background”. If you had selected just two wallpapers, then Windows will only
cycle through those two wallpapers. If you want to cycle through more
wallpapers, then select as many wallpapers you want while setting a desktop
Do remember that, Windows 10
automatically support different wallpapers for different monitors, and you
don’t need to configure anything special. You only need to take care of one
thing, and that is, if in Personalize Background window, if you change the
Background from Slideshow to Picture, then you can notice that, “Next Desktop
Background” option will no longer be available in context menu, when you will
right-click on your Desktop. The Next Desktop Background option only appear, if
Slideshow option is set in Background. Choose Slideshow and configure the
picture folder of which images you want to see on your desktop. That’s it and
nothing else you need to configure. Now right-click on any desktop and choose
Next Desktop Background, and you can cycle through images.

If you need to see the old Windows 8
style Personalize Background window, then you can do this by typing the
following command in Run dialog box:

control /name
Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper

So this was all about setting different
wallpapers on multiple monitors in Windows 10. 

The Teacher / Author & Editor

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