Windows 10 Tutorial - Set Time Zones Automatically - New Features

With the release of Windows 10
November Update version 15-11, Microsoft has introduced several new features in
Windows 10, and one of them is automatically synchronizing Time Zone according
to your device location. However, in previous versions of Windows, you can set
the Time Zone manually, but now Windows provides you to do it automatically. It
is a very much helpful feature if you travel a lot and you want Windows to
configure the time zone and update the date and time automatically.

To configure Time Zone
Automatically, click the Start button, and then click Settings. Click Time and
Language, and here you can find the new option called, Set Time Zone
Automatically. Turn On this feature by toggle the switch to ON position. That’s
whatever it takes to configure automatic time zones. Do note that, Set Time
Automatically feature must be ON as well, so Windows may update the date and
time according to time zone and your physical location.

Now, wherever you will take your
Windows 10 powered device, Time Zones will get automatically changed according
to your device location, and you will always have an accurate date and time
prediction right on your system tray.

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