Windows 10 Tutorial - Verify Your Identity On This PC

If you have recently upgraded to
Windows 10, or did a clean install from scratch, and already using Microsoft
Account to login into your Windows 10 device, then you must verify your
identity on that particular device. Verifying your identity helps you to protect
your data. In case, Microsoft detects any suspicious activity, then the user
will be asked to enter a security code, which Microsoft will send to your
Microsoft Email Account, or to the phone number that you provided in your
account security information.

You may have already seen a
notification regarding verify your identity, but if you have missed it, then
you can still do it by either of two ways. The quickest methods is to click the
Action Center button from System Tray, and you may see a notification regarding
verify your identity on this PC, or you can click the Start button, and then
click Settings. In Settings window, click Accounts and you will see a message
stating, you need to verify your identity on this PC, and there will be a
Verify link below the message. Click the link, and you may require to enter the
last 4 digits of your phone number, and a code will be sent to your registered
mobile number. Enter the code and complete the verification process. That’s it!

Once you complete the verification
process, Verify your identity link will disappear, and you will only see Manage
My Microsoft Account link. From a security point of view, I will suggest you to
verify your account immediately.

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