Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial | How To Use Scroll Lock in Spreasheets

Hello everyone, and welcome to
our channel, “The Teacher”. My name is “Rajiv” and today we are going to learn
about the Scroll Lock Key. If you are not already familiar that what the Scroll
Key does, then here are some explanations about this Toggling Lock Key, just
like Caps or Num Lock key on your keyboard.
Scroll Lock is typically used in
Excel or other Spreadsheet programs, and honestly I have never seen or used it
in any other application. Before we go and start tapping Scroll Lock key, let
me explain you something.
Have you ever compared the
difference between scrolling your worksheet from the arrow keys of your
keyboard, and scrolling through vertical or horizontal scroll bars, or from the
Mouse Wheel, and if you have not, then let me clear you the difference first
before we start talking about the Scroll Key.
Notice, when I move or change my
Active Cell position by using the up, down or left, right arrow keys from the
keyboard, even though I am scrolling through the worksheet horizontally and
vertically, but the Active Cell is also getting changed. So, when you scroll
through Arrow Keys, your Active Cell, or you can say that the Cursor Position
changes accordingly. But when you scroll through Scroll Bars or through the
Mouse Wheel, your Cursor position or Active Cell remain the same, doesn’t
matter how far you scroll through your worksheet. You might be thinking that how
this is related to Scroll Lock? I will explain you this in brief.
First, you can find the Scroll
Lock key at the top right corner of your keyboard, usually between the Print
Screen and Pause Break keys, and if you are using a Notebook or a Tablet, then
they might don’t have a Scroll Lock key, then you can open On Screen Keyboard
from Ease of Access Center of Control Panel, or can directly type and search it
right from your Start Menu. From the On Screen Keyboard, you can find Scroll
Lock at the lower right corner with a short name SCRLK. Click it once will turn
ON the Scroll Lock, and then you can minimize the On Screen Keyboard, if you
don’t want to use it further.
You might not get confused that
either the Scroll Lock is ON or OFF, so you can right-click on the Status Bar
and then make a check mark on Scroll Lock. You will see an indication about the
Scroll Lock in your status bar.
So finally, when the Scroll Lock
is ON, and you move through your worksheet, using the Arrow Keys from your
keyboard, the Arrow Keys start behaving liking the Scroll Bars or Mouse Wheel,
and the current Active Cells remain the same as you scroll through your
When you need to go back to the
Active Cell or the same position where you were before in your worksheet, then
you don’t need to scroll back again, just hold down the Control Key and then
press Backspace, and in an instant you will be right back at the Active Cell.
This shortcut really saves a lot of time when you scroll through larger
worksheets, and this shortcut will also work if you are even scrolling through
Scroll Bars or Mouse Wheel. When you need to go back, press Control + Backspace
and that’s it.
When you no longer require to use
the Scroll Lock, turn it off my pressing it once again, and you can immediately
see the notification from the Status Bar has removed and now your cursor or
active cell will change as you will scroll through your worksheet using the
Arrow Keys.

So this was all about using
Scroll Lock Key, and if you found this video useful, then don’t forget to hit
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